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Micromax A116 Canvas HD | |||TechTHUGS|||
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Apple iTV 4k | |||TechTHUGS|||
NEXUS 7 comes to INDIA | |||TechTHUGS|||
Google Play Movies now in INDIA | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung's new GAME PAD | |||TechTHUGS|||
APPLE iPhone 5s | |||TechTHUGS|||
SONY Xperia Z | |||TechTHUGS|||
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Ultra Mobile opens up with a calling plan and unlimited international SMS | |||TechTHUGS|||
Chinese firm open its own iOS apps store!!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
HTC slashes down One X and One X+ prices in India | |||TechTHUGS|||
HTC unveils its mid range Desire L in Taiwan | |||TechTHUGS|||
Micromax Canvas A111 images leaked!!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
New leak shows iPhone 5S parts | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung reveals new Ultra HD TVs | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung Galaxy S4 delayed in UK | |||TechTHUGS|||
Rumors reveal iPhone with plastic case | |||TechTHUGS|||
iPad 5 will be thinner and lighter | |||TechTHUGS|||
Be a little generous, and make a donation | |||TechTHUGS|||
Shadow Era gets a new update | |||TechTHUGS|||
Free voice calling for Android users in US, introduced by Facebook | |||TechTHUGS|||
New Android update may include multiplayer gaming | |||TechTHUGS|||
Microsoft working on small touch devices | |||TechTHUGS|||
Whatsapp more popular than Twitter | |||TechTHUGS|||
Upcoming Nokia Lumia images leaked!!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
This is how Google Glass works. | |||TechTHUGS|||
Selling your Google glasses? Not a good idea. | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung Code shows Galaxy S4 mini | |||TechTHUGS|||
Finally, Twitter Music is available to all | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung explains why Galaxy S4 doesn't come with FM radio | |||TechTHUGS|||
Leaked: HTC 606W | |||TechTHUGS|||
Amazon set to expand its Appstore to nearly 200 countries | |||TechTHUGS|||
WordPress-based websites under attack from massive botnet | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung Galaxy S4 to have quad core in US and UK, not oct | |||TechTHUGS|||
Facebook brings Home's 'chat heads' to iPhone, iPad | |||TechTHUGS|||
Install Facebook Home on any android phone without even rooting it !!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
Apple reportedly settles iPhone warranty suit for M | |||TechTHUGS|||
Nintendo to shut down Wii channels around the world | |||TechTHUGS|||
Bump for iPhone loses iTunes music sharing | |||TechTHUGS|||
"Secretbook", A plugin that lets users to hide messages in Facebook pics | |||TechTHUGS|||
ASUS Fonepad arrives in South East Asia | |||TechTHUGS|||
Google Glass Explorer Edition to ship this month | |||TechTHUGS|||
DDoS cripples Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox after trading resumes | |||TechTHUGS|||
Google launches tool to determine data use after death | |||TechTHUGS|||
PC market at its worst as Windows 8 flops | |||TechTHUGS|||
Apple eyes future devices with flexible displays | |||TechTHUGS|||
Microsoft may announce next generation of Xbox on May 21 | |||TechTHUGS|||
Who needs MS Office for iOS and Android? CloudOn's here now | |||TechTHUGS|||
Apple might unveil 'killer app' this summer !! | |||TechTHUGS|||
Capture iPhone screen without a jailbreak. | |||TechTHUGS|||
iPhone 5S to come in multiple sizes and colors | |||TechTHUGS|||
Motorola X Phone specs and possible rendered Images surfaces online | |||TechTHUGS|||
Sony launches Xperia SP with 4.6-inch HD display, Android 4.1 for Rs. 27,490 | |||TechTHUGS|||
Deletion of Apple's AppGratis, what else to come.... | |||TechTHUGS|||
SHODAN ; The 'dark' version of GOOGLE | |||TechTHUGS|||
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange launches ‘Google rival’ | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Released £400 price tag | |||TechTHUGS|||
WhatsApp denies it's in talks with Google for B buyout | |||TechTHUGS|||
Nearly 60K Low-Quality Apps Booted From Google Play Store In February, Points To Increased Spam-Fighting | |||TechTHUGS|||
Facebook Starts Charging Users To Message Celebs | |||TechTHUGS|||
Facebook Gifts Launched In India | |||TechTHUGS|||
BlackBerry OS 10.1 details leaked ahead of its release | |||TechTHUGS|||
Galaxy Y Plus smartphones now available online | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung Galaxy Young available online | |||TechTHUGS|||
Micromax A115 Canvas 3D pics appear online | |||TechTHUGS|||
HTC One officially launched in India for Rs. 42,900, shipping end of April | |||TechTHUGS|||
Nokia Lumia 928 ;Successor to Nokia Lumia 920 reportedly in the works | |||TechTHUGS|||
Google may buy Whatsapp for billion | |||TechTHUGS|||
Sony reveals pricing for its more budget-friendly 4K TVs | |||TechTHUGS|||
Anonymous targets Israel in another cyberattack | |||TechTHUGS|||
Baidu Eye ,The Chinese Google Eye | |||TechTHUGS|||
Androidguruz | |||TechTHUGS|||
Google plans to retire the Google Reader | |||TechTHUGS|||
The HTC Desire P | |||TechTHUGS|||
The HTC Desire Q | |||TechTHUGS|||
Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android | |||TechTHUGS|||
BlackBerry Q10 price in UK revealed, shipping 'end of April' | |||TechTHUGS|||
Putting an iRing on it!!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
iTwin | |||TechTHUGS|||
HTC One 64G Developer Edition is out for preorder !!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung announces Galaxy Trend 2 and Trend 2 duos smartphones | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung announces Galaxy Win | |||TechTHUGS|||
Razer Edge | |||TechTHUGS|||
HTC and Facebook launches 'First' | |||TechTHUGS|||
Facebook unveils the all "HOME'' a new 'Family of all Apps for Android | |||TechTHUGS|||
The Google Glass | |||TechTHUGS|||
How to add a self-made start button in Windows 8 | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung and Mozilla working on new web browser engine for Android | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung Galaxy S4 to be priced around Rs 44,0000/- in INDIA | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung Galaxy Mega | |||TechTHUGS|||
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Viber launched for windows and Mac with video calling support !!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
Google Glass: Not yet launched but already banned | |||TechTHUGS|||
07/ 11 pages
Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41-megapixel camera, Windows Phone 8 officially unveiled | |||TechTHUGS|||
Turn any laptop to a Touchscreen device !!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
Samsung overtakes Apple in terms of mobile Internet usage: Report | |||TechTHUGS|||
Chromecast: Google's best weapon to breach the TV biz | |||TechTHUGS|||
Redesigned Google Maps Web interface now available to all internet users !!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
Dear America: Meet unlocked phones | |||TechTHUGS|||
Google Maps 2.0 for iOS launches with support for iPads | |||TechTHUGS|||
Android might get BANNED in INDIA says Government !! | |||TechTHUGS|||
Apple signs fresh agreement with Samsung for supplying iPhone chips: Report | |||TechTHUGS|||
Steam Summer Getaway Sale offers big discounts on popular games | |||TechTHUGS|||
Purported pictures of BlackBerry A10 surface online | |||TechTHUGS|||
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BBM iOS, Android users can soon make free phone calls | |||TechTHUGS|||
Nokia unveils the Lumia Icon | |||TechTHUGS|||
09/ 2 pages
Iphone 6 plus | |||TechTHUGS|||
Iphone 6 | |||TechTHUGS|||
11/ 2 pages
Pressy : The Almighty Android Button | |||TechTHUGS|||
| |||TechTHUGS|||
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Sony Bravia 4K Android TVs launched in India, prices start at Rs 69,900 | |||TechTHUGS|||
Ottawa exposed as world’s cheating capital post AshleyMadison hack | |||TechTHUGS|||
Twitter can predict stock market movements: Study | |||TechTHUGS|||
Russia warns people their next selfie could be their last !!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
Grids App for Instagram now on Windows Pc !!!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
MS Office for Mac !!! | |||TechTHUGS|||
Domino's Latest Tech Leap: Tracking Pizza Via Apple Watch | |||TechTHUGS|||
Microsoft announces Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is on | |||TechTHUGS|||
One Plus Two with 4GB RAM @ 450$ | |||TechTHUGS|||
Truecaller's Truemessenger : Block unwanted SMS | |||TechTHUGS|||
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